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Authors selfie Hi there, this is me. An ancient geek of the dark ages of the beginning of the internet. I am 63, but disqualified as a boomer due to ADHD which prevents me to become older then 18. I am going strong doing all kind of stuff people like me do. On my LinkedIn Profile you can read about my professional data. I will tell some more about that later.


Everything in my life at this moment revolves around ADHD. I am an adhd advocate and councilor. I help individuals and groups with ADHD. This started after my own late diagnosis when I was 52. Something I still work on for myself too and considering my age its not very likely I will be able to completely resolve the damage done before the diagnosis. In fact it leaves me with CPTSS beside common comorbidity like depression and bi-polarity.


Impuls en woortblind

Impuls en woortblind is an association for people with ADHD, Dyslexia and Discalculy. It is closely related to ADHD Europe and most of my activities are related to that. Among other thing I am a member of the science group where we do research and work with universities. A biggie for me. Before my diagnosis i thought I was dumb as a rock. In fact I turned out to be gifted, above avarage IQ.

ADHD Cafe The Hague

I also organize the ADHD Cafe in The Hague. This work is funded by Impuls en woortblind. We have a zoom meeting and a life meeting once every month.


I also do individual counceling. I help people with problems that come with their ADHD. In some cases people even got their diagnosis by my referal. Most common problems I encounter are with work, sickness and medication.Due to study and experience I yet have to encounter a problem that couldn't be solved.


I also visit schools and institutes to speak about all facets of ADHD. This can be explaining what it is, but also specialised items like homelessness or addiction. My fee for this start from 50€ excl. travel costs. And no you cant even pay any bills with that :-)

Regular job

Thats not going to happen. I have been earmarked as incompasitated by society. I am a wreck. I am utterly useless as you can see above. In fact there is no better example I think why not people with ADHD are a problem, but society is.


Private I am a loner. Not unusual for people with ADHD and above avarage IQ. I have two lovely birds (pyrhurra) that are my room mates. I have a handfull of friends that I should visit more often. I live in my bedroom in my hammock. My house is a chaos. I like to be on Mastodon to keep some appearance of social contact. I like to tinker with phones and my computers. I love reading scientific papers and journals (I know weird) I am a visual thinker with almost photographic memory. I love to ride my bicycle (hey I am Dutch). Thats all folks.

Dalai Lama quote: If you want others to be happy show compassion.
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